Functional Aircraft Carrier - MSFS

Aircraft Carrier addon for Microsoft's Flight Simulator with working catapults and arrestor cables

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This is an addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Do not purchase if you do not already own MSFS.

Beautiful Aircraft Carrier

Functioning Arrestor Cables

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Does what it says on the tin - carriers located around the world, with easy to use functional cats and cables. It opens up a whole new world of flying adventures, and allows more casual simmers to enjoy a fairly authentic carrier challenge without needing to delve into DCS.


This is just fantastic. Been wanting to land on carriers again since MSFS came out. But this is better than any previous carrier addon.

The Arrestor Cable and Catapult functions are also excellent, so immersive


Amazing carrier , been using the Tomcat with working afterburners and loving it ! Danger Zone playing on my cell phone really sets that Top Gun loving feeling lol , I highly recommend Hard Deck Simulations Carrier A+++++


Great add-on. A lot of fun when used with MB339.Very easy to setup and activate.


Superbly awesome and wonderful experience landing and taking off from the aircraft carrier. Thumbs up for Hard Deck Simulations for coming out with this. Cheers, R1p3r Gaming.

Gerard Macorvick bin

Absolutely the best mod for MSFS 2020. I love the detail and the fun it brings to my streams as well as the sim itself. The price is unbeatable!